The Partner

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published: 28th October 2010

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the partner

They found him in a small town in Brazil, near the border with Paraguay. He had a new name, Danilo Silva, and his appearance had been changed by plastic surgery. The search had taken four years. They'd chased him around the world, always just missing him. It had cost their clients $3.5 million. But so far none of them had complained.

The man they were about to kidnap had not always been called Danilo Silva. Before he had had another life, a life which ended in a car crash in February 1992. His gravestone lay in a cemetry in Biloxi, Mississippi. His name before his death was Patrick S. Lanigan. He had been a partner at an up-and-coming law firm. He had a pretty wife, a young daughter, and a bright future. Six weeks after his death, $90 million disappeared from the law firm.

It was then that his partners knew he was still alive, and the long pursuit had begun...
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Critic's Reviews

 The Times

'All the ingredients of suspense, drama and meticulous attention to detail that have made Grisham's novels bestsellers... A terrific read'
 Sunday Mirror

'A narrative triumph and a stylish joy, this novel has me gasping for more of the new, satirical Grisham.'
 Daily Telegraph

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6 Reviews
Botshelo Seretse
I used to read romance novels, but Grisham completely changed my flavour.
Emils Janis Auzins
I'm only 17 , but I'v allready understood that ,John ,your book's are simply priceless.
I'm not a native english speaking person, but it wasn't hard to get everything what this book had to offer.
I started to read this book with no expectations, but after I had read first 3 chapters I just couldn't stop reading. The twistings are just so unexpected and the actions are so breath taking.. I'm simply shot of words. I'd deffinately recomend this book to any Crime fiction and thriller fan. And ofcorse I'm looking forward to read another book from Jhon.
Thank you for your work J.Grisham
Ndyebo Reginald Mazawule
Grisp with more flavour if u've read Grisham's books before. This book was fantastic to read though it took me long, demands attention. The Broker was more greater than this.
Sharon Fitsimons
I have read Grisham's entire body of work. This book, above all others, was a fantastic read. I simply could not put it down. If I was not reading it I was thinking about it. It has been years since I read it, and the plot is still engrained into my mind. The plot is fast paced and it keeps you hanging on until the very end; not a book you will want to walk away from. Grisham gives a master class in pulling a complicated story (and characters) together in exhilarating fashion. A must read for fans of legal thrillers!
Dr L J Harwood
I thoroughly enjoyed the Partner. It has more twists and turns than a very twisty thing! I was kept guessing right until the end as to what was going to be revealed next. Definitely Grisham at his best. Go out and buy it!
The Partner is a book that catches your mind instantly. In the beginning, it's pretty much the same, but when you've read 20 - 30 pages things change right away. I don't know how others experiensed the reading of this book, but I didn't realise how good it was until I had almost read it all. It's now that I can honestly say that it's a book you'll probably love.