The Rainmaker

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published: 28th October 2010

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the rainmaker

Rudy Baylor is a newly qualified lawyer: he has one case, and one case alone, to save himself from his mounting debts. His case is against a giant insurance company which could have saved a young man's life, but instead refused to pay the claim until it was too late.

The settlement could be worth millions of dollars, but there is one problem: Rudy has never argued a case in court before, and he's up against the most expensive lawyers that money can buy.
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Critic's Reviews

'He keeps us turning the pages until well after bedtime... as exciting as a car chase with a load of dynamite thrown in.'
 Daily Mail

'The best thriller writer alive.'
 Evening Standard

'The suspense does not let up for a minute.'
 Daily Telegraph

'The book stays in the hands as if super-glued...compelling.'
 Sunday Express

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6 Reviews
Ndyebo Reginald Mazawule
Great pace for my reading I may say, move over A Time To Kill.
Anasua Ghosh
I stayed up nights to finish this one. Loved it, still read it whenever I can find time
Bruno M.J Gayoso
Amazing book- a classical story about a lawyer dismantling corruption in the city of Memphis
Dougal McKitterick
Please read this book - it's worth every minute you spend with it!
The Rainmaker is one of those stories where you feel attached to the character and want to root for him all the way through. The Premise involves a lawsuit taken against an insurance company which refused to pay out for an operation to save its client's life. This really puts you on the side of the client. Rudy Baylor leads the charge against the company in a small firm with only a local contact for help. The writing style puts you at ease immediately and with various courtroom chapters throughout, it"s as gripping as any book ever written!
John Kimble
This is my favourite John Grisham book. I found the story addictive, the characters empathetic and the plot gripping and twisting from start to finish. I've never seen the film version, but I would highly recommend this book, 5 stars!